We are experts in putting together a Free Market Analysis, so you will know what the real Fair Market Value of your potential property is.

Our commissions are very flexible and we will be very reasonable, but most importantly we will get the job done for you.

We always have properties listed for sale and with our Mortgage Lending experience we will be able to qualify potential buyers. Once the buyer is qualified for the mortgage loan, we can see if any of our active listings may be an interesting option for him.


If you are one of the few homeowners that have equity in your property, now is the time to refinance.

With Interest rate historically low, you can refinance and get an extremely low interest rate. You could also pull out some of the equity of your house and use for whatever you may think of.

At Interest rate below 3.5% to cash out some of your property's equity is the best financial decision that you can make to finally accomplished that home improvement that you've been planning for years, start that business you've always wanted or simply enjoy with an unforgettable vacation or dreamed business venture.




We are Short Sale experts and have closed hundreds of successful Short Sales. We will provide you with the best professional service at absolutely no cost to you.

We will not charge any fee in advance or during the process. No Listing Fee, Broker's Fee or Administration Fee will ever be charged. Our Short Sale process is completely free to the homeowner.

The Short Sale process may last anywhere from 3 to 8 months. During these extended period of time, you will continue living at your property without a obligation to make payments towards your mortgage.


Foreclosure & Bankruptcy

Even though we are not a Law Office and we do not intent to provide Legal Advice in any way. We can share with you our experience on the consequences that many of our clients have experienced by getting involved in a Foreclosure or a Bankruptcy procedure.

Once again, it is our believe that you must evaluate all your different options in order to take the correct decision. We will provide you with valuable information, free of cost, that will help you take that important decision that without a doubt may have irreversible consequences.




Free Evaluation Services

Let us evaluate your particular situation and help you find out if you may qualify for a Loan Modification Agreement. The Government is encouraging lenders to participate in Loan Modifications by offering different Programs like the recently published HAMP (Home Affordable Modification Program).

We will provide you with a free analysis and let you know your real chances to qualify for a Loan Modification. Again free of cost and without any advance fee.


Loan Services

We can provide you with excellent programs under Conventional or FHA Financing, we also provide you services with VA Loans and Reverse Mortgage. Give us a call to schedule an appointment and we will help you decide which is the Loan Program that matches your particular needs.

We will provide you with a free analysis and let you know your real chances to qualify for a Loan Modification. Again free of cost and without any advance fee.